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What does Round that Account mean? Well it can mean a large savings to you on insurance, increased benefits and coverage at no extra cost, and better protection from rising costs and unfortunate policy non-renewals. First, let me try to shed some light on why you see the change to your premium or having an underwriting problem with your company. READ MORE >>

No, the Tornado Alley universally recognized by meteorologists hasn't moved over Tennessee and Georgia. But try and tell that to the millions affected by the storms last year. Our own agency experienced the effects of three separate tornados last year. Amazing, considering it's never happened before in our 27 years in business! READ MORE >>

Monday, June 27, 2011 It's the middle of summer, temperatures are at their highest, and your A/C unit just mechanically broke down.  Normally, this would not be covered by a Homeowner Insurance policy because standard insurance does not cover mechanical failures. READ MORE >>