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Millions of Americans  hit the road every day despite the weather. Winter weather brings harsh challenges to those out on the highways and roads.  Remembering a few Safety Tips is vital. Make sure your car is ready Does your vehicle need new wipers? Are all the necessary fluids at the levels they should be? READ MORE >>

An uninsured motorist is not necessarily a dangerous driver. However, like all drivers, they can cause an accident to occur. The problem is, they won’t be able to compensate you for your losses, to which you might have a right because the accident was their fault. There is no way to know who does not have coverage. READ MORE >>

One of the least expensive insurance products on the market today is Renters Insurance.  Consumers win here in pricing and the availability of this important protection from a wide array of providers.  Most companies that write homeowner's and tenant occupied dwelling fire policies offer their clients the protection provided through a Renters Insurance policy. READ MORE >>

Every consumer of insurance products need to review the coverage levels they carry on any insurance policy.  An automobile insurance policy, in particular, needs re-visiting periodically and this vital coverage needs re-evaluating as your life changes and evolves. READ MORE >>

Facing a lawsuit at your business is a scary thing. Lawsuits are becoming ever more popular and can be devastating to a business owner.   Large businesses generally have legal departments to handle these situations, and most large businesses may even have a budget just for legal matters. READ MORE >>

The simple answer is, "No."  Flood is a costly and damaging peril that is not covered by any homeowner's insurance policy.  Many consumers think that coverage for the peril of Flooding is included in a homeowner's policy, but, alas, it is not. READ MORE >>

We love our furry friends!  Most dogs are friendly, loving, members of our family, but even the most docile dog may bite when they are scared or frightened or when they are protecting their puppies, owners, or even their food.  Statistics show more than 4. READ MORE >>

It’s that time of year. Winter is here and with it, severe weather events are inevitable. Between frozen pipes, falling tree limbs, space heater fires, and black ice, dangers are abound when freezing temperatures combine with even slight precipitation.   READ MORE >>

Replacement Cost vs Market Value:  Home Insurance   The difference between Replacement Cost and Market Value is a simple concept, but oftentimes a hard one to see objectively. Some customers don’t like the idea of paying the premium for $250,000 worth of coverage on the home they just bought for $175,000. READ MORE >>

With the back-to-school season underway, many teen drivers are taking the wheel and driving themselves to class for the first time.  Before handing over the keys, the Tennessee Department of Commerce & Insurance (TDCI) encourages parents to do their homework on auto insurance and talk to their teens about the importance of responsible driving. READ MORE >>

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